Technical background stories on membranes

This website contains technical background stories on membranes and membrane technology in the Dutch and English language, and will be updated continuously with additional background information. In order to get a good overview of ‘the whole picture’, to raise awareness of this technology, to gain better understanding of their functioning, and as background information for news items and new developments.

What are membranes?
Many people consider membranes as filters that allow small particles to pass and that reject large particles, and separate ‘the large’ from ‘the small’ in this way. However, such a description is much too poor for a membrane. For example, membranes also form the basis for ‘breathing’ raincoats, that allow sweat (water vapour) to go outside, but refrain rain (also water, but in a liquid phase) from entering. Apparently membranes are much more than ‘upgraded sieves’, and they can separate in more ways than only by size exclusion. Which is expressed by the variety of membrane types.
You will find membranes in many places: in drinking water production or to purify wastewater, for wine and beer filtration, but also in renal dialysis and in chemical industry for gas separation, to name a few applications. Eddy Brinkman, Betase BVThis website is an initiative of Eddy Brinkman. Within his own company Betase BV he is specialised in writing technical background stories in the fields of chemistry, materials science and information technology. He has a chemical background, and he has acquired in-depth know-how of (inorganic) membrane technology and materials science at the university, within research institutes and at technical SME.