Technical background stories on advanced ceramics

This website contains technical background stories on advanced ceramics in the Dutch and English language, and will be updated continuously with additional background information. In order to get a good overview of ‘the whole picture’, to raise to raise awareness of these materials, to gain better understanding of their functioning, and as background information for news items and new developments.

What are advanced ceramics?
Due to their hardness, exceptional wear resistance and chemical resistance, advanced ceramic materials can still be used when other materials – such as most polymers and metals – have failed already. Furthermore, most of them are excellent electrical and thermal insulators, but the extensive advanced ceramics family also has members with exactly the opposite properties. No wonder that these high-quality stable and functional materials are abundant – in satellites, microelectronics and cars, to name a few applications.
For advanced ceramics, pure and high-quality powders form the basis. These powders – with small (sub-micron) grains and narrow grain size distribution – from a synthetic production route are processed in various steps into products with special, also high-quality physical and mechanical properties. Eddy Brinkman, Betase BVThis website is an initiative of Eddy Brinkman. Within his own company Betase BV he is specialised in writing technical background stories in the fields of chemistry, materials science and information technology. He has a chemical background, and he has acquired in-depth know-how of (inorganic) membrane technology and materials science at the university, within research institutes and at technical SME.