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Advanced ceramics: stable and functional materials

From a chemical point of view, advanced ceramics – like traditional ceramics – consist of compounds between metallic and non-metallic elements: oxides such as aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide, nitrides such as silicon nitride and titanium nitride, and carbides such as silicon carbide. The advanced ceramics family can be described as stable and functional materials. […]

Traditional and advanced ceramics

Clay is the most important raw material for traditional ceramics such as bricks, tiles, sanitary ceramics and tableware. The word ‘earthenware’ for ceramic pots and jugs is an indication that their raw materials are literally obtained from the ground. Clay is a natural product whose composition varies. Clay particles are flat hexagonal plates with a […]

Research in advanced ceramics – 2015

On April 30, 2015 – formerly known as the Queen’s Birthday – the Dutch Ceramic Society NKV organised a meeting in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Part of this meeting was ‘Research in advanced ceramics’, where a total of six PhD and MSc students of Dutch universities took the opportunity to present their […]