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Materials science in a nutshell

Materials are the building bricks of everything that we see around us. Where would smartphones, cars, buildings or solar cells be without the right materials? Materials are so self-evident that we almost forget how special they are. Materials science provides an answer to the questions ‘Why is that peculiar material suitable for that application?’ and […]

Betase launches two new websites

This summer, Betase has launched two new websites with technical background stories. The website contains technical background stories on membranes and membrane technology in the Dutch and English language. In order to get a good overview of ‘the whole picture’, to raise awareness of this technology, to gain better understanding of their functioning, and […]

Data faster through glass fibre or copper?

You can download digital files from the internet via your glass fibre optic cable or through copper wire – coax cables, telephone cables (such as ADSL) or network cables (‘twisted pair’). One bit of information goes nearly as fast through copper as through glass, with two-thirds of the speed of light. This information is carried […]

Technical writing – how to do that?

How do you explain a ‘difficult’ technical subject to someone without any technical background? How do you write a manual that is acually being used? How do you capture business-critical information in such a way that your own employees – or their successors – will benefit from it? Or in general: technical writing – how […]

Meet materials – materials science & technology for people without a materials background

Why are chinaware, drinking glasses and metal cutlery dry when taking them out of the dishwasher, while plastic cups remain wet? Is a LED-lamp really the reverse of a solar cell? Why does data travel faster through a glass fibre than through a copper wire? And how can you make glass or ceramics more fracture […]

Self healing materials – Pioneering research in the Netherlands

This week, a new book on self healing materials was published. On 27 October 2015, during the IOP symposium ‘Self healing materials – prepare for landing’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the book ‘Self healing materials – Pioneering research in the Netherlands’ saw the light. The editors of the book – Sybrand van der Zwaag and Eddy […]

27 October – Final event national research programme Self Healing Materials – Prepare for landing

On 27 October the final event of the ‘Innovatiegerichte Onderzoeksprogramma (IOP)’ Self Healing Materials will take place in Utrecht. The ‘IOP’ is a ten-year research programme subsidized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in which 5 Dutch universities and no less than 68 companies participated. Full Professor Novel Aerospace Materials Sybrand van der Zwaag is the […]

Meeting Materials 2014 – High-performance products with lightweight materials

The 2014 edition of Meeting Materials will take place on May 27 at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. Over 50 people are expected to come together in this informative and informal networking event, in order to discuss high-performance products with lightweight materials from several points of view. Oral presentations on academic research subjects will alternate […]