Conductive polymer composites for electromagnetic shielding

Picture this … your mobile phone is lying on your desk, close to the speaker of your desktop computer system. A few seconds before you receive a call or SMS message on your mobile phone, the speaker makes a buzzing noise. Is this clairvoyance of the speaker? No way. Here, the wire to the speaker acts like an antenna that picks up and amplifies the signal it receives from the mobile phone network. This is a typical example of electromagnetic interference between electronic components, and it shows that electromagnetic fields are all around us.

In order to protect sensitive electronic devices against unwanted electromagnetic interference, normally a shielding material is positioned between the source of the electromagnetic field and the sensitive component.

Conductive polymer composites consist of materials that are able to shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) in electronic devices. The book An introduction to conductive polymer composites, to which Betase contributed, deals with some backgrounds and practical aspects of conductive polymer composites for shielding purposes. The emphasis of this book is on technical polymers in combination with carbon nanotubes and other conductive filler materials.

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An introduction to conductive polymer composites

Published as:
An introduction to conductive polymer composites, ISBN 978-1-84735-589-8, paperback, English language, 2011, 176 pages.

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