Eddy Brinkman new president Dutch Ceramic Society

On May 8, 2014, Sido Sinnema handed over the chairman’s hammer to Eddy Brinkman, new president of the Dutch Ceramic Society (Nederlandse Keramische Vereniging, NKV). Eddy descends from two generations of bricklayers, and has continued this tradition as advanced ceramics at University of Twente gained his interest. As of that moment, he has become member of the NKV.

After his PhD research under supervision of professor Ton Burggraaf (currently NKV honorary member) in the fields of electroceramics and ceramic membranes, he worked a few years at ECN, TNO and Ceparation BV, always in the field of advanced ceramics.

More than ten years ago, he has established his own company Betase BV, active at the interface of technology, information and communication. Within his company he develops technical training materials and conducts technical analyses. On a professional level, Eddy is familiar with technology in general, including ICT. He has in-depth knowledge of advanced ceramics as an alternative for – or in addition to – materials such as plastics and metals, and membrane technology as an alternative for traditional separation techniques.

Besides his presidency of the NKV, until 2015 Eddy Brinkman is president of the Netherlands Society for Materials Science (Bond voor Materialenkennis), a society for knowledge dissemination in the field of materials science. Furthermore, he is responsible for ICT and sponsoring of the Barchemse 4Daagse, an annual four day walking event in his residence Barchem in the Eastern part of The Netherlands.

Eddy looks forward to cooperate with his fellow members Ries Jeurissen, Pim van der Vliet, Antoinette van Schaik, Jos van der Waard and Mark Welters in order to run the Dutch Ceramic Society in the same way as Sido did in his past six years.