Please have a look at some of the publications that Eddy Brinkman realised in the past years. Most of these images are clickable, and you will be linked to another webpage on this site with more information.

Technical background material (writing and editing)
Meeting materials   Piezoelectric materials and applications   The hidden use of piezo technology in applications all around us

Results and outlook of research projects (writing and editing)
Self healing materials – Pioneering research in the Netherlands   Self healing materials: concept and applications   Self healing functional materials  Self healing in road construction   Conductive polymer composites for electromagnetic shielding   iPolyCond conductive polymers   Delft in materials

Contributions of Eddy Brinkman to Chemische Feitelijkheden (‘Chemical Facts’), a chemical encyclopedia that is released 10 times a year. Each time, in 8 pages the backgrounds of a chemical topic are described. The images below link to a Dutch page on this website.
Chemische Feitelijkheden Teflon   Chemische Feitelijkheden Glas   Chemische Feitelijkheden Diamant   Chemische Feitelijkheden Membranen   Chemische Feitelijkheden Kunstmest   Chemische Feitelijkheden Schoon Water   Chemische Feitelijkheden Koolstofdioxide   Chemische Feitelijkheden Verf

Technical publications
Ceramic membranes for gas separation   Pervaporation membrane for dehydration of solvent streams   Chemie achter het roetfilter