Betase writes books/booklets (with a size of several tens to several hundreds of pages) as a high quality and informative promotional gift or marketing tool. In Dutch and English, and ranging from just text writing to producing print-ready content. To explain ‘difficult subjects’ in a simple way. For your customers or your own employees. To let them know in a clear way what you are actually doing …

In recent years, Betase has produced the following books and booklets, among others. (Most of these images are clickable, and you will be linked to another webpage on this site with more information.)
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Meet materialsMeet materials
Meet materials is an English book that makes the fascinating field of materials science accessible to non-technical people, without compromising the content – especially with many examples from everyday life. In addition to ample attention to (advanced) ceramics, glass, composites, polymers, rubber, carbon and metals, materials for the energy transition are now combined into their own chapter. As a result, the electrification of (future) energy supply has an important place in the book. And what about high-tech materials such as silicon for computer chips? Besides, it is always nice to write and read about the pleasures of life, such as materials for red wine.

Mikrocentrum 50 years Mikrocentrum 50 jaar
Mikrocentrum is an independent training and networking organisation, supporting the technical manufacturing industry. The celebration of Mikrocentrum’s 50th anniversary, in combination with the official opening of the new building in Veldhoven, took place on 1 February 2019. To mark the occasion, a history book was published that describes the history of 50 years of Mikrocentrum (in Dutch language).

Kennismaken met materialenMeet materials
Kennismaken met materialen is more than just a book. It is unique in the way that it makes materials technology accessible to non-technical people who are working with(in) technical companies and organisations, without compromising the content. By using many examples out of our daily life: materials in cars and planes, to generate energy, in your computer or smartphone, and in & around the house. This book gives a clear answer to questions like ‘why is that material suitable for that application’ and ‘which knobs have to be turned to get better materials, if the current ones do not satisfy’. The book is published by Betase, and currently only available in the Dutch language.

Self healing materials – concept and applicationsSelf healing materials: concept and applications
They appeal to the imagination: materials which are able to heal themselves. Despite the fact that there have already been many examples in nature: wounds that apparently autonomously stop bleeding, or broken bones that heal after some time. The ‘only’ thing that’s necessary is to transfer these tricks from nature to man­made materials.
Nowadays, self healing materials are far beyond the science fiction stage. Indeed, the Netherlands has been front­runner in the development of these materials. And that is what this bilingual (both Dutch and English) booklet is about.

Piezo technology in applications all around usThe hidden use of piezo technology in applications all around us
What is the common denominator in inkjet printers, parking sensors for cars, gas lighters and ultrasound imaging for babies? All these applications make use of piezoelectric materials, which have the capability to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and vice versa.
Despite this versatility, ‘piezo materials’ are rather unknown to the public at large. To get acquainted with these materials, an English booklet has been published, focussing on the applications of piezoelectric materials – as well as history, future, the basics behind piezoelectricity and ways of manufacturing devices.

Delft in Materials – Materials in DelftDelft in materials
This booklet gives a look behind the scenes of the research at Delft Centre for Materials (DCMat), at Delft University of Technology. Simply by relating images of the everyday life of Delft and surroundings to the fascinating world of technology, materials and research at DCMat that is hidden behind that ‘everyday life’. To expressly put forward the hidden powers of materials. After all, materials are all around us – and of all times.

Other books to which Betase contributed:
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