Dutch proofreading

Betase performs Dutch language checks (proofreading) and text corrections for technical companies and organisations. This is a final check of texts that are almost ready, and for which it is desirable to critically review the Dutch language use of such a document. Also for foreign companies that produced a Dutch text, e.g. via machine translation.

Why proofreading?
Correct use of language provides a professional impression. It would be a pity if a good message were to be obscured by distracting linguistic errors. Fortunately, there are people like Eddy Brinkman of Betase, who, as a writer, has the ‘annoying’ quality of detecting any grammatical errors in a Dutch text at first glance (it’s a burden ;-). This improves the quality of the message.

Proofreading BetaseWhat does Betase do, with respect to Dutch texts?

  • Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and misuse of punctuation marks
  • Improve inconsistent vocabulary
  • Identify ambiguities and improve them where necessary
  • Verify the technical content

Do you need a Dutch language check? Send an e-mail to info@betase.nl with the text (PDF, Microsoft Word) that needs to be checked for the use of Dutch language, with the desired delivery date. Betase will send you an offer with price and time schedule, and after your approval we will do the language check and text correction. Upon delivery, PDF documents are returned to you with annotations (highlight, strikethrough, add text, etc.). Verified Word files are delivered in duplicate: as a document with corrections (via the ‘Track changes’ function enabled) and as a document with the improved text. Other types of documents (including websites) and Dutch language checks for other, non-technical discipline areas are possible in consultation.