User manuals and other technical documentation

Betase provides user manuals and other technical documentation such as:

  • Manuals for the use of technical devices, with a description of the device and its operation, attention to safety, instructions for installation, operation (incl. user interface), service & maintenance and disposal. In accordance with the Dutch standard NEN 5509:2016 for user manuals and (if applicable) the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Instructions for the steps to be carried out in chemical processes, including synthesis and measurement/characterisation.
  • Safety documentation such as (materials) safety data sheets, containing information on the safe use of chemicals.
  • Manuals for the use of computer software and applications/apps, describing the available functions and user interface, and instructions for installing/uninstalling, configuring, using and (if applicable) troubleshooting.

Technical writer technical documentation BetaseHow can Betase help you?

  • Writing user manuals and other technical documentation, digitally and on paper, in Dutch and English.
  • Checking and, if necessary, improving existing manuals, instructions and documentation.
  • Translation of existing manuals between Dutch and English.

Why Betase?

  • Betase is ideally suited to support research institutes, high-tech SMEs and production companies that are at the beginning of the technical development of a new (complex) device, possibly for production in small numbers, and that need a user manual for this purpose. As a small company with very short lines of communication, Betase can respond well, quickly and flexibly to changes within such a development process. The driving force behind Betase has his own experience as a researcher/developer in research institutes and within technical SMEs.
  • Betase can spar and ‘think like a user’ during the development of a (new) device or software.
  • Professional: Betase has software such as Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to deliver fully-formatted manuals as a print-ready PDF file, from which a print shop can create a paper manual/booklet.
  • Practical: Betase can also supply a written manual as a Microsoft Word file, so that the manufacturer of the device can update the manual him/herself. Not everyone within technical SMEs has Indesign software to do this themselves, but ‘everyone’ has MS Word …