Technical translation

Technical translation English DutchAlready since 2004, Betase translates technical documentation from the English into the Dutch language, and vice versa. A Dutch audience gets more familiar with a technical subject by translating the technical information from a ‘foreign’ language such as English into the well-known Dutch language. The other way around, a Dutch subject receives more attention worldwide by translating the technical text in question from Dutch into English.

Due to his thorough technical background, Eddy Brinkman of Betase is familiar with the technical jargon and many specialist terms. This makes him capable of converting a technical text into a correct translation – without losing the message of the original text.

Technical translation between Dutch and English

  • Translation of technical documentation such as course & training materials, patents, (user) manuals, instructions, brochures, books, white papers, presentations, R&D proposals, (chemical) safety documentation, chemicals databases, process descriptions, measurement results and general terms & conditions
  • Translation of scientific and technical publications
  • Translation of websites and online help & troubleshooting documentation
  • Translation within computer programs and software
  • Digitally as well as on paper

Experienced in the following fields

  • Chemistry, chemical engineering & process technology
  • Materials science & technology
  • Advanced ceramics
  • Membranes and membrane technology
  • Information technology (ICT)

Profile of technical translator Eddy Brinkman
Solution-minded, analytical, associative, accurate, quality-driven, critical, self-willed, technically-versed, bilingual Dutch/English, good with numbers and words, (misunderstood) sense of humour, sense of perspective, down-to-earth