50 years of membrane research in Twente

Twente has always been a pioneer in membrane technology. About 50 years ago, with the arrival of Kees Smolders, research on membranes started at the Technische Hogeschool Twente, later University of Twente. And some 10 years later, Ton Burggraaf and his group started developing ceramic membranes.

The history book ’50 years of membrane research in Twente’ shows how many Twente researchers and technicians have used their knowledge and experience to take membrane technology to the next level. ‘Twente’ has contributed greatly to much of the technology used today in making commercial membranes.

Together with Heleen Sombekke, Antoine Kemperman, Herman Teunis, Louis Winnubst and Nieck Benes of University of Twente, Eddy Brinkman of Betase (and former PhD student of the Twente Inorganic Membranes group) composed this book.

The animated gif below gives you an impression of the history book.
UT membranenboek

The first copy of the book was presented on 14 April 2023 to emeritus professor Heiner Strathmann, one of the ‘founding fathers’ of Twente membrane research, alongside figureheads such as Kees Smolders, Ton Burggraaf, Henk Verweij and Matthias Wessling. All attendees at this Twente Membranes Day 2023 received a copy of this book. On the same day, Matthias Wessling opened the Waterlab on the University of Twente campus, a new building to investigate and test membrane processes with water streams on a pilot scale.
Opening Waterlab UT 2023