Betase – Technical documentation in Dutch and English

Betase writes, translates (English-Dutch) and edits technical documentation. This includes user manuals for safe operation of instruments and equipment, but also background information in the form of web content, white papers or case stories to link user benefits to product features.

Betase works at the interface of language and technology, for developers and manufacturers of instruments and equipment, typically in the chemical sector. Betase has experience with technical documentation for gas chromatographs, density meters, (dosing) pumps, mass flow meters & controllers, bathymetry devices, mechatronic & optical measuring instruments, detection kits for chemical elements, measurements of electrical systems and processes, membrane performance testing & characterisation, among others. Eddy Brinkman, Betase BVDriving force behind his own company Betase BV is Eddy Brinkman. He writes about technical subjects in such a way that non-technical people can understand it as well. He combines his background in chemical engineering (MSc), electrochemistry and inorganic membrane technology (PhD) with his ability to explain technology in clear Dutch and English language.