Betase – writes technical background stories Eddy Brinkman, Betase BVWithin his own company Betase BV, Eddy Brinkman is specialised in writing technical background stories. These stories tell why a specific technology is suitable for a certain (market) application, or describe a technical subject at a more thorough level. For example, these stories explain a technical process, tell how a technical device works, or place a technology in a historical or social context.

Betase BV works at the interface of language and technology. As a technical writer, Eddy Brinkman has thorough knowledge in the fields of chemistry, materials technology and ICT, which he combines with his ability to explain these technologies in clear Dutch and English language.

Whereas news stories are volatile, technical background stories give a good overview of ‘the whole picture’, and that’s why they keep their value at the long term. These stories are therefore very suitable for explaining new, complicated or expensive technologies.

Betase works for marketing & communication departments of technical companies and their (future) customers, for technical education and research institutes, for (inter)national public-private partnerships, and publishes his own books and stories. Betase works for everybody who has a need for a good background story, but who does not have the knowledge, experience, (wo)manpower or time to write this.

The technical background stories appear as case studies, technical & business articles, course materials, white papers, reference works, books/booklets, user manuals and technical reports with analyses – public or confidential, and digitally as well as in paper form.