Eddy Brinkman PhD MSc, Betase BVBetase B.V.
Soerinkweg 1
NL-7244 AL Barchem
The Netherlands

Eddy Brinkman, PhD MSc

Phone +31 573 44 28 65

Chamber of Commerce number 17147155

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Betase BV is an independent company, active in the area of information technology, and converts technical information into accessible matter. The company started at the beginning of the century in the ‘Brainport’ around Eindhoven, and is nowadays established in the ‘Achterhoek’, one of the most innovative regions of The Netherlands and Europe. Driving force behind Betase is Eddy Brinkman, PhD MSc.

Betase carries out activities by assignment (e.g. writing, translating, programming), on own account (e.g. books and workshops), or in cooperation with other partners (national and international projects). On a regular basis, Eddy Brinkman is chairman of the day for lecture programs at technical trade shows or symposia.

Corporate social responsibility / voluntary jobs
The electricity Betase uses for its activities is 100% sustainably generated by Dutch wind turbines.
From 2010 to 2015 Eddy Brinkman was president of the Netherlands Society for Materials Science (Bond voor Materialenkennis, knowledge transfer on materials science & technology, about 800 members) and since 2014 he has been president of the Netherlands Ceramic Society (Nederlandse Keramische Vereniging, knowledge transfer on ceramics, about 100 members). Furthermore, he is member of the board of the Foundation Barchemse 4Daagse (foundation organising an annual four day walking event, over 1000 participants), where he is responsible for ICT and sponsoring.

Betase – pronunciation and meaning
Betase is pronounced as the second letter of the Greek alphabet ‘beta’ with the accent on ‘ta’, followed by ‘se’ as in the English word ‘the’.
In The Netherlands, ‘beta sciences’ is the common name for natural sciences and engineering. Just like the enzymes amylase and lipase in the human body, betase is the name of an imaginary enzyme that converts or translates ‘difficult’ science and technology into accessible matter.