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Piezoelectric materials and applications

Piezoelectric materials – that can convert mechanical energy into electric energy and vice versa – are among the ‘invisible’ materials that are widespread around us. Consumer products, automotive electronics, medical technology, and industrial systems are but a few areas where piezoelectric components are indispensable. Besides models to describe and understand the behaviour of piezoelectric materials […]

The hidden use of piezo technology in applications all around us

What is the common denominator in inkjet printers, parking sensors for cars, gas lighters and ultrasound imaging for babies? The answer: all these applications make use of piezoelectric materials. This material has something special: it has the capability to change shape – for example become shorter or wider – by applying an electric voltage over […]

Ceramic membranes for gas separation – Recent developments and state of the art

This article presents the state of the art (2005) of ceramic membranes for gas separation, particularly for the separation of hydrogen from process streams. It includes an overview of recent literature and reveals the best types of membranes for hydrogen separation, with their strong and weak points as well as key players based on patent positions. […]