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Symposium on ‘New developments in ceramics’

We are delighted to present you a program that is dedicated to new developments in ceramics. On May 23, the Dutch Ceramic Society (NKV) together with (and at) the University of Twente will organise a symposium with academic as well as industrial presentations, followed by a guided tour over the nanolab. Program 10.45 : Arrival […]

Materials science in a nutshell

Materials are the building bricks of everything that we see around us. Where would smartphones, cars, buildings or solar cells be without the right materials? Materials are so self-evident that we almost forget how special they are. Materials science provides an answer to the questions ‘Why is that peculiar material suitable for that application?’ and […]

Betase launches two new websites

This summer, Betase has launched two new websites with technical background stories. The website contains technical background stories on membranes and membrane technology in the Dutch and English language. In order to get a good overview of ‘the whole picture’, to raise awareness of this technology, to gain better understanding of their functioning, and […]

Traditional and advanced ceramics

Clay is the most important raw material for traditional ceramics such as bricks, tiles, sanitary ceramics and tableware. The word ‘earthenware’ for ceramic pots and jugs is an indication that their raw materials are literally obtained from the ground. Clay is a natural product whose composition varies. Clay particles are flat hexagonal plates with a […]

Student Speech Contest during 12-May meeting of Dutch Ceramic Society (NKV)

The board of the Dutch Ceramic Society is pleased to invite you for our next meeting on Thursday May 12. On this date, you are welcome in Restaurant Croy De Goffert in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, for the following program that mainly deals with interaction between young ceramic researchers that present their research, and experienced people […]

Molecular dynamics computer simulations of yttria-stabilized zirconia

Computer simulations on an atomic or molecular scale give a direct link between the microscopic details of a system (atomic masses, molecular geometry, etc.) on the one hand, and macroscopic properties that are of experimental interest (energies, transport coefficients etc.) on the other. By comparing the outcome of the simulation with experimental results, understanding can […]

Meeting Materials 2014 – High-performance products with lightweight materials

The 2014 edition of Meeting Materials will take place on May 27 at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. Over 50 people are expected to come together in this informative and informal networking event, in order to discuss high-performance products with lightweight materials from several points of view. Oral presentations on academic research subjects will alternate […]

Eddy Brinkman new president Dutch Ceramic Society

On May 8, 2014, Sido Sinnema handed over the chairman’s hammer to Eddy Brinkman, new president of the Dutch Ceramic Society (Nederlandse Keramische Vereniging, NKV). Eddy descends from two generations of bricklayers, and has continued this tradition as advanced ceramics at University of Twente gained his interest. As of that moment, he has become member […]

BvM and NKV are present at Materials 2014 trade fair and congress

Eddy Brinkman of Betase is closely involved in Materials 2014 trade fair and congress (, that will take place on April 16 and 17 in Congress Center Koningshof in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. As president of the Netherlands Society for Materials Science (Bond voor Materialenkennis, BvM, he was asked to be a member of the […]