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Impedance spectroscopy: monitoring of electrochemical processes

If you want to measure the corrosion progress or the performance of a fuel cell, then impedance spectroscopy is a suitable technique. This allows you, for example, to monitor processes within electrochemistry such as corrosion over time by taking measurements at regular intervals. Materials science meets electrical engineering. Suppose you are an electrician and you […]

Materials science in a nutshell

Materials are the building bricks of everything that we see around us. Where would smartphones, cars, buildings or solar cells be without the right materials? Materials are so self-evident that we almost forget how special they are. Materials science provides an answer to the questions ‘Why is that peculiar material suitable for that application?’ and […]

Data reduction: between measuring and knowing

Modern analysis instruments provide a deluge of measurement data. Automatic data processing is necessary to obtain relevant information. But: what is smart software that filters the data stream on important information and how can this properly be visualised? A short course in data reduction for the laboratory. Many analysis techniques in the chemical laboratory have […]