Demonstration of innovative water purification system

Betase invests in new technologies. This is illustrated by our participation in 2006 and 2007 in a project to demonstrate how small-scale (surface) water purification can be realised economically and technically using mobile, compact, robust ceramic membrane systems.

In this project, partly funded by the Province of Fryslân, we cooperated with membrane manufacturer Hyflux CEPAration, the Dutch drinking water company Vitens and university of applied sciences Van Hall Larenstein.

We played a key role in the communication and the administration of the project. We also added technical knowledge on ceramic membrane technology to the project.

Filtration principle

The above diagram, in Dutch, demonstrates how the water purification system works. This diagram shows how solid particles (e.g. a polution) can be filtered out of a liquid (such as water) on a macro and micro scale.

The above diagram was published in:
Eindhovens Dagblad, 3 January 2006, illustrating an article about the membrane manufacturer.