Self healing materials: concept and applications

They appeal to the imagination: materials which are able to heal themselves. Despite the fact that there have already been many examples in nature: wounds that apparently autonomously stop bleeding, or broken bones that heal after some time. The ‘only’ thing that’s necessary is to transfer these tricks from nature to man-made materials.

In 2013, self healing materials are far beyond the science fiction stage. Indeed, the Netherlands is front-runner in the development of these materials. And that is what this bilingual (both Dutch and English) booklet, written by Betase, is about.

Here you can download the booklet as PDF file (approx. 5 MB).

Self healing materials: concept and applications

Published as:
Self healing materials: concept and applications, a bilingual publication (Dutch/English) of NL Agency,
publication number 3ISHM1101, June 2011, 100 pages. Virtually unmodified reprinted in 2013.

External link:
Click here for the website of IOP Self Healing Materials. There you can order this booklet as a hardcopy.